The Coastside Tennis Association is fortunate to have two USPTA professionals that teach at the Half Moon Bay High School. Sandy Badillo and Robert Garcia are here to help excel your or your families’ tennis game by leaps and bounds. Whether you haven’t touched a racket in a decade or you’re on the courts as often as possible, both Sandy and Robert will help you improve your game.

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Robert Garcia is a USPTA Professional and a new member of the CTA family. Tennis and fitness are a way of life for Robert. He finds great satisfaction in balancing competitive tennis and on court instruction for adults and juniors. As a long time Coastside resident, Robert feels a special connection to the Coastside tennis community.

What does the USPTA certification bring to tennis instruction?
Becoming a USPTA certified tennis professional requires competency in five core areas: grips, stroke production, private lessons, group lessons and tennis history. The certification process teaches there is a progression to the lesson plan beginning with racket grip, to stance, to unit turn and preparation, swing pattern, contact point follow through and recovery. While USPTA teaching Pros focus on similar methods and development progressions, each Pro is encouraged to add their own style and presentation to the lesson plan. The goal of any lesson is to develop the individual player using their strengths and limitations – not to produce cookie-cutter robots.

Professional development and education are key for the USPTA professional in maintaining certification. Throughout the year, the USPTA offers for the teaching Pro clinics, demonstrations, conferences, web seminars and online training. USPTA Pros share teaching methods, the latest in on-court technology, competitive strategy, drills and games for players, and in depth analysis of the techniques used by the top players in the world. Continuing education helps a teaching Pro distill the latest techniques and tips down to the club level player.

You are passionate about competing in the USTA Senior category. What advice can you give to older players.
First off, for the player 35 and older, I recommend playing in an age group category, the Senior section, in addition to a certification bracket such as 3.0, 4.5, or open. Age groups are divided into 5-year categories beginning with 35, 40, 45, 50, etc. Playing in an age group category levels the competitive field to players of similar physical abilities and limitations. Often, when older players compete on a USTA league team, there can a mismatch between a younger players, with strength, stamina and skills that punish the older player.

Second, for players who enjoy the USTA league team format, I recommend not rushing to compete up at the next level. Success in competitive tennis at any level comes with winning and gaining confidence in your abilities and strengths. Master your strokes, shot selection and playing patterns before moving to the next level.

Also, practice like you play. Focus on tennis while on the court and enjoy the moment. Practice all of your strokes, forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads and serves each time you practice – and try to imagine this is match play. Nerves and anxiety are a part of competitive tennis, so treat each point as if it were important to the match score.

What are you hoping your professional skills can bring to the CTA members?
For CTA members wanting to improve their tennis skills, I would hope they take advantage of professional instruction. Tennis is a highly technical game that requires complicated physical movement. A teaching professional can provide the proper mechanics to turn an unreliable stroke into a weapon. The Pro can also provide insight into court positioning and playing strategy, key components for winning tennis. Regardless of the player level, a lesson with the Pro can make an immediate difference in a players game and provide personal enjoyment whether you are a singles player or love the social aspect of doubles.

Since 1982 I have been a USPTA professional tennis teacher and have worked at the Ritz Carlton Colony Club in Half Moon Bay, Alpine Tennis Club in Portola Valley, Primetime Athletic Club in Burlingame, and Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara. While coaching the Half Moon Bay High School Boys and Girls tennis teams, we won league championships eleven out of twelve seasons. I have conducted tennis programs for the Parks & Recreation departments for the cities of Half Moon Bay, San Carlos, and Pacifica. Presently I am coaching the Cunha Intermediate School tennis team and the Junior Excellence program within the USTA. I have studied through the USPTA for 35 years learning and building my knowledge of the game from some of the best in the world, Pros and Coaches.

I played competitively at USTA tournaments in the Bay Area beginning at the 3.5 level and finishing at the 5.5 level in Women’s and mixed doubles. I played and concentrated on my singles reaching the hightest ranking in the “A’s (in those days) playing the Grand Prix with a finish of #5 in singles and #10 in mixed.

Sandra E. Badillo, USPTA

My work is concentrated mostly on junior tennis from the age of three years to twenty-five years. I have a Junior Workout program that meets three times a week providing juniors a consistent tennis workout, stimulus for playing USTA Junior tournaments, a fitness program, and the ability to advance their game to the best of their abilities. Many of my students have had great success in bringing their tennis skills and talents to the collegiate level and have excelled at UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Mills College, and several midwestern and eastern colleges.

I work with very young children introducing them to athletics in general, with an emphasis on tennis and fitness and a level of training and discipline that will help them with whatever sport they choose to participate in. With my ten-and-under program we concentrate on the appropriate use of the red, orange, and green-dot ball and court size before they progress into the full court and regular yellow ball. Fitness is always a part of my programs at any level or age.

My adult program is designed to help the beginning, intermediate, and advanced player reach a higher level of skills and playing strategies to enhance their game for their lifetime. The Juniors group has the opportunity to join my official Ballkid Team and work on court with our world-class men and woman professional tennis players, which gives them an experience of a lifetime and a treasured memory forever.

Tennis is my passion, and the development of my students is my reward.